my visual work explores nature/blackness in coexistence, newfound queer community, nightlife, and atypical realities and objects within every day life.

"FRANCE - GIVING", 35 mm color film, 2022

"Signage and Longing" 35 mm film, 2021

TIME IS, 2021

A short film for my final project in junior year art class that visualizes my aspiration to form a connection between nature, time, and blackness as an aesthetic and spirit. I wanted to showcase the power of continuity, love, and acceptance and put the audience in almost trance state. this film represents the duality and multidimensionality of my interests in music, visual art, and art history collating this with Sun Ra's "Space is the Place" by Sun Ra. This is the first film I've ever made and It Is personal to me and I directed, acted, and filmed with the help of my friends.

Music Director/ Artist Booker 2018- 2022

In my position at Oberlin College's "Dionysus Disco" and 91.5 FM Oberlin College and Community Radio, I am tasked with scouting artists and local talents, negotiating with management, curating themed musical events, securing contracts, promotional material, and ensuring the safety and experience of the artist while on campus. In 2021, post-pandemic I curated a two-day music festival called "Angel Ultra Fest" which feature 9 out-of- state artists from Chicago, California, New York, and Memphis.

"Time Is" 35 mm color film, 2021

I dont know what Im doing at the louvre and Im lost, 2022

the untitled first black and white roll, 2022

france and amsterdam