my visual work utilizes archives, photography, and collaging as a means of understanding marginalized human relations to nature, community, and solitude. Through portraiture, material, and text I am to explore representations, memories, and the preservation of Afro-queer descendant communites. 

"mother nature" paper collage, 1, 2021 (newspaper, digital scan)

"mother nature" paper collage 2, 2021 (newspaper, digital scan)

"no more worries" paper collage 1, 2021 (newspaper, digital scan)

"no more worries" paper collage 2, 2021 (newspaper, digital scan)

"flux" (2021) fabric, wood, paper, 35 mm film, string and gold! a piece of gratitude that flows 💠 it includes self-portraits and photos of my friends and documents my life at age 16-onward. flux represents the state of constant movement which sometimes leave me feeling ungrounded but also allows for space to grow and change to occur. also an ode to the fluxus movement of the 60's/70's

"flux" (2021) in its moving state

"just like home" 2021  (35 mm, kodak gold 200 film)

"to return" 2021 (35 mm, kodak gold 200 film)

"new homes"  (35 mm, Ilford 400 film)

"openings"  (35 mm, Ilford 400 film)

"time Is"  (35 mm, kodak gold 200 film)

"Signage and Longing" 35 mm film, 2021 

TIME IS, 2021

A short film for my final project in junior year art class that visualizes my aspiration to form a connection between nature, time, and blackness as an aesthetic and spirit. I wanted to showcase the power of continuity, love, and acceptance and put the audience in almost trance state. this film represents the duality and multidimensionality of my interests in music, visual art, and art history collating this with Sun Ra's "Space is the Place" by Sun Ra. This is the first film I've ever made and It Is personal to me and I directed, acted, and filmed with the help of my friends.