poetry 1

I've always been an artist, jan 1, 2019

I've always been an artist

tracing geometry in my scalp

i can’t remember a time where i didn’t know how to braid

woven and stitched into my brain

eyes in the back of my head




and repeat

grids and maps

like weeds

i'm pulling at the roots

I pledge to the tree of the growth

all black women are artist

flattening out the fro

runny nose and watery eyes

cuffed ears and vaseline hairlines

i begged for a perm in 4th grade

but the silky soft smooth just for me ©

was out of reach


my scalp sings in rectangles and squares


and admiration

of how she’s always been there for me, probably scared of me

hair dyes and all

but still conjoined to my head

detangle moisturize twist and repeat

i believe my hair has meetings

they say

we have gathered here today to dedicate 6

or 7 hours to laying the baby hairs

we have ran out of the lavender jamaican castor oil

so we have approved the request for

coconut oil

all black women are artist!

multitalented multifaceted creators

the art of black hair is more complex and avant-garde than any picasso you could ever show me

my imaginary art exhibition be like

“the decline of my roman empire through my hair colors at oberlin college”

until it opens

i'll see you the next time we meet

my spiral friend